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Hey guys, i need your help. I am kinda new to webflow and try my best to master it :slight_smile:

I am building a wedding webpage for my girlfriends business at the moment and on the bottom of the page with the three ractangles i am stuck.

If I short the size a little bit, the boxes merge together. Is there a better solution than a grid Flexbox ? The design on 1450px is like it should look a like.

And is there a better solotion to position the boxes right to the gray box with one box overlapping?

Best regards and thanks for your help

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Hey @Marcel_Speckmann, your LeistungenDIV are starting to overlap on smaller breakpoints because you have set a fixed width of 270px. Unless in certain very specific circumstances, I would advise against doing that. Also, your spacing on the different elements is a bit all over the place. I would suggest you watching a couple of videos regarding CCS layout & positioning (see below). This will make things a lot easier for you.

You could also have a look at some official Webflow templates and cloneables from the community. Inspect the different sections and learn how they are set up.

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Thanks for your quick reponse, i’ll watch the videos and come back I am still stuck. I am new in this forum. Where can i find other cloneables from the community or the offical Webflow templates?

Best regards and thanks Julian,


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Made in Webflow by the Community ↴ Filter by Cloneable sites only

Official Webflow Templates ↴ You can open every template in the Designer and inspect how everthing was built.

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