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Problems with layout?


I am having problems trying to create this look on webflow i have tried columns but when i put image on the left side then text in another side it resizes each side to different sizes what is very annoying does anyone know a good outcome for this? i have attached an image below

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Try this after your navbar and stuff.

Format div 130 and 131 accordingly.


how do I do div block 129, 131, 130 is just entering as a class


is the div block 129 a grid element ?

Hi again,

I have had a play around with it on grid like you did and it works perfect :grinning: thanks you for your help it was baffling me lol


I need to create a 2-column block containing an image zone and corresponding text zone on each row.

In the case of multiple rows, the image and text position need to alternate between image left, text right, and visa versa.

The width of the text zone always matches the width of the image zone. However, the depth of each text zone varies depending on the amount of content. This means the image zone depth also varies.

What is the best way to build these blocks in Webflow so I can use fixed-ratio images (800x600px)?

Just to be clear, I don’t need the images to display at a fixed ratio, I need the image placeholder to display at the same ratio as the corresponding text zone without distorting.