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Using SEMRush we found out that we have an SEO issue like: “4 incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml” so SEMRush is reporting 4 incorrect pages found on our sitemap. The reported issue type is a redirect. As far as I could understand the sitemap is created automatically by enabling the auto-generated sitemap, right? I checked this in my project settings and it’s already enabled. I am sending you screenshots from SEMRush report issue and my project settings → SEO.

Can you help me troubleshoot this?

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Hey Ivana,

So, this issue isn’t about the sitemap but the pages within the sitemap.

On your given SEMrush report column name “Link URLs” click on each of these URLs over there. Are they redirecting to the correct pages? If not, redirect them to the correct pages in Webflow’s redirect page. That should fix this error.

Dear @yigit ,

First of all thank you for your response. So, after retesting our page on SEMRush we saw that the issue with the incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml is with another pages. Please, kindly find the screenshot attached below. Our sitemap has a link blog/the-rise-and-rise-of-visual-search. When you try to open this page you will be redirected to completely different page The Rise and Rise of Visual Search | Product Discoveries | Visual AI | So i am confused why in the sitemap we had blog/the-rise-and-rise-of-visual-search even though we have redirect URL for this blog post like all others.

The SEMRush customer support said that:

This error is triggered if your sitemap.xml contains URLs that:

  • lead to webpages with the same content
  • redirect to a different webpage
  • return non-200 status code
    Populating your file with such URLs will confuse search engines, cause unnecessary crawling or may even result in your sitemap being rejected.So in order to fix it Review your sitemap.xml for any redirected, non-canonical or non-200 URLs. Provide the final destination URLs that are canonical and return a 200 status code.

I am totally lost with this, so please help me if you have any idea.


@Ivana-Tosheva Hi Ivana, are you looking to hire expert?


I already wrote an e-mail to the webflow customer support and i am waiting for their response.

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I understand thank you for explaining in detail.

So, the old pages that are redirected to new ones, are their statuses still active? Meaning they are not archived or drafted.
That is causing them to appear in the sitemap.xml automatically because your sitemap is auto-generated.

If you archive or draft these pages this should solve it.

THANK YOU @yigit you are AWESOME! i found the blog post into two CMS Collections with different url, both with published status. I was confused because in project setting we have redirect url, but this solve the problem.

Thank you again.


Glad to help @Ivana-Tosheva and have a great one.


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