Issues with duplicate title tags - SEO

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Using SEMRush to analyze our website we find out that we have an issue with duplicate title tags (kindly find the screenshots below). The url is an external link (React app) and i am confused why SEO includes analysis for it as well. Can someone help me how to fix this issue?

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Even though is an external URL it still belongs to your domain. That’s why it’s included in your analysis. You can either noindex the demo page to remove it from your analysis or change the title tags on that page to a different title than your homepage to fix this issue.

Dear @yigit ,

The title tag are different for both pages. Visual AI in Fashion E-Commerce is the title tag for my home page and Demo | is title tag for the demo page. The duplicated title is between http and https only for demo page and for which is redirected url. You have any idea about this if not what would be happened if i noindex the demo page and how can i do that?

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Here’s what I can suggest. Canonicalize the final page, preferably the https version by adding rel=canonical to the other pages that are redirected to /automatic-tagging.

Also, make sure the redirects are working properly because when I type the http version I can access the page without it getting redirected.

As a bonus, update all old links on page to the final URL either in your buttons or links, etc. to keep SEMrush or any other crawler from following these pages.

I tried with < link rel="canonical" href="" /> and also with < link rel="canonical" href="" /> setting this in custom code on my site but unfortunately it doesn’t work.