Page Indexing Issues

Hi All,

I need help with page indexing and redirect. Currently i have a few pages that have failed validations to be indexed.

I have redirected them according. What would you suggest is wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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  • Your sitemap looks fine
  • Note most of the errors are for http: or are missing the www., you may have submitted the wrong sitemap URL, it needs to be exactly
  • You can redirect /work and /services if you want, since they’re not in your sitemap. Not clear that you’re getting 404s though.
  • The last redirect ending in you should be removed. that’s not how redirects work, you can’t specify a hostname in the Old path of the redirect.
  • Redirect to pages that exist, e.g. the first one points to /services but then that is redirected as well.