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Sitemap google webmaster tool

Hi everyone. I would like to link my website to Google webmaster tool (GWT). I’ve tried to find a way to link my sitemap to GWT, but this tutorial is outdated :

Can you tell me where to find my sitemap? And how can I make sure that the sitemap is updated on GWT when I change my website?


Your sitemap is automatically built by webflow. Click on the “Add/test sitemap” button from this page.

Just type sitemap.xml at the end of the url.

Thats it!

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Yes oceanandsnowdesign explains it well with an example

I want to submit a custom sitemap in webflow and I do not have hosting. There is currently no sitemap.xml field, please advise.

Only works with webflow hosting.

If you are self-hosting…

  • you will need to provide your own sitemaps

There are tons of free solutions. Some very good.

I prefer xml-sitemaps dot com… a paid php based self hosted solution.

I’ve used their software for about 15 years.

$20 unlimited use. Free updates.