Where do I submit an XML Sitemap in Webflow?

I am currently trying to submit an XML Sitemap through Webflow… I want to be able to then identify to Google and submit the sitemap so they can better crawl my site for SEO purposes. I can’t find a place in Webflow to simply upload an xml file with my sitemap.

Please Advise on anyway I can do this.



Nevermind. I think I figured it out. I just realized Webflow backend dashboard has an SEO sections showing that a sitemap is automatically created as you build your site which is really AWESOME ! ! I just went ahead and submitted my sitemap.xml into my Google Webmaster Tools.

I used to be an SEO genius back in 2007 and it changed dramatically since then. Anyway. I used to have to create my own XML Sitemaps and I guess Webflow already did that work for me which is great.

If anyone needs help with this I can help and show you how to do it in Google. It will likely help your traffic increase by submitting the sitemap into your search console of Google

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