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SiteMap - how do we retrieve it now?


Before I used to have to make a site map to hand in to google. Now I see in webflow it’s auto-generated? Where can I get it, to give it google?



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If I understand your question correctly… The sitemap is auto genterated so when in webmaster tools if you type the site address followed by /sitemap.xml it should pull the sitemap and you can submit.

ah gotcha. Does it work with both links, or just the webflow one?

as in or also ?

hmmm. I haven’t ever tried to index the subdomain or one so can’t say for sure. Typically and for SEO reasons it’s a better idea not to index the address if you are using a custom domain name or at least that is what I understand.

I am always using custom hosting. But there used to be a bug where you could only use the webflow domain link to refer to site map, is that still the case?

I don’t think so…or at least I haven’t noticed.

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