Sitemap without hosting?

My client prefers to use their own hosting; I’ve generated a sitemap for them, but in the settings it states to upgrade to Webflow hosting in order to add a sitemap. Is there no way to upload our own sitemap, since I don’t need Webflow to generate one for me? This seems grossly unfair to remove an essential functionality when I don’t have control over whether someone chooses to use their own hosting, even though it’s a pain for me to have to use a separate login to upload their code–particularly when I’m already paying more for a plan to be able to export the code.

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Create a (sitemap) link on your page
and point it to a url on your site
that contains the generated site map.

That’s what I do.

That’s what I initially did, but I’m unable to set the URL to one of Google’s required extensions (.xml or .txt, for example) because it’s generating as an html. When exporting do I simply go in and change the extension on the page to which I’ve uploaded the sitemap, and ignore the warning about some Webflow forms not working properly? Or am I missing something?

you can hardcode a url by using the symbol under the Tilda key.



I tried that, to no avail (inside the designer). I’m on a Mac, not that it should make a difference. I swear I’m not dense, maybe I’m just having a rough day but this is really starting to frustrate me. I’m working remotely today so don’t have access to Dreamweaver right now, not that it should ever come to that for what really is an essential function and on a paid platform.

I’ve also gone into the editor in their cPanel and tried it there, not actually expecting it to work but as sort of a last ditch.

Thanks for your help…I went again into the cPanel edit function, deleted the entirety of Webflow’s code from the page, inserted my sitemap code, converted the format to xml, and re-loaded. Ludicrous, and a real pain whenever I edit the site, but at least I’ve found a workaround. I appreciate your time!

Use this site to generate a sitemap

And then upload that file to the root directory of the website - then it’ll be located at

Does that make sense?


Thank you, I believed this worked, no errors yet from Google Search Console.