Cant link to a pdf which I upload?

Hi all! I have this problem: I am working with this website. All though I want to attach a pdf to a text link. But I can’t see the icon for attaching external files? The website has cms hosting so it should support the function? I can only link to external addresses or within the site itself. What am I doing wrong here?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey @webbor

Is this what you’re trying to achieve? (See below)

The ability to attach a PDF to a link can be found under the Element’s Settings (gear icon). Simply click the paper clip icon > click Choose Attachment > find the attachment in your Assets panel, then you’re done!

Is that what you’re trying to achieve? Let me know if I misunderstood!

Hi @mattvaru! No I want to link a certain text, for example from this page to a pdf.

So, you’re looking to hyperlink the text on a certain page, and have a PDF file download upon clicking that link?

Just want to be sure I understand!

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Yes that is correct! @mattvaru

Get the URL for the PDF asset and link to it as an external link.

I am confused. Before as I remember I could mark up a text, make it into a link then choose the option to upload an pdf file and link it to the text?

If you are talking about within a rich text field, nope. Do this.

Copy URL of asset (PDF) you already loaded to the asset panel. Go to project CMS. Edit entry. In the Rich Text Field, Select text for the anchor link. Paste value of URL to PDF in the external address.


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Wow - I’ve been using Webflow for probably 2+ years and this is the first time I’m realizing you can choose different views for the Asset panel. Learn something new everyday! Thanks, Jeff!


The things we learn each day here! Sometimes I learn something from people I’m trying to help, haha

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100%! I literally just told that to someone in the Facebook group looking to learn how to use Webflow — come answer some forum posts (whatever they felt comfortable with) and you’ll learn a hell of a lot :exploding_head:

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