Site Search showing additional (incorrect) words from those searched for?

I’ve recently implemented the site search for a client, but it keeps showing additional incorrect words from the words searched for…

If I search for “wild food” it shows results for “will” and “foot”… Not helpful at all… I can’t seem to find any options for find exact words or similar, surly this is not how it’s supposed to work?

Thanks in advance!

Search page:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Webflow’s implementation of Elasticsearch is a black box. Looks like fuzzy results are included. If you require something with more control look to third party search replacements in the University.

I see, thanks for your reply. It seems to work fine for longer words… but for 3-5 letter words, it just shows random ones. Can’t really understand why it would do that… Hopefully there will be an option for exact or random results in the future… :pray: