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Site search behaviour – customisation options?

According to, site search is built on top of Elasticsearch, and “search results automatically adjust for common misspellings”.

Now, our client doesn’t want “addition” to show up when someone searches for “addiction”. Is there any way to do something about this?

Is there anything from the Elasicsearch docs that can be added to Webflow as custom code or so?

Also, it doesn’t seem that operators and exact matches can be used with Site Search, e.g. using AND between words or " " to serach for exact matches. Is this correct?

Many thanks for any insights.

I will take a pass at this. Short answer is not at this time. Will we ever? I hope we will.

Nope, maybe in the future. The addiction results would be shown first right? You can control the snippet shown which is very powerful. Users already get fuzzy results in the big search engines too.

Good news is that it exists and you can at least control visibility and the snippet shown on a query. Not to mention that it was added on for free.

The client might get over the concerns when you show them the monthly fee for hosted site search (pick any provider),as they are expensive.

Hope this helps you or someone looking at this as well. Cheers.