Webflow Search Enhancement


I wonder if it is possible to make Webflow search do a search out of the box. What do I mean?

We have a website on webflow, added a custom domain. Then with Cloudflare services we serve another site on domain/another-site-path, meaning on the specific path we have totally different site from a different source.

Question: is it possible to make Webflow search through my other site as well? Any integrations, external tools, whatever, if you have any advice, let me know!

No, Webflow’s site search only indexes its own content.
I’m fairly certain that the indexing happens internally as part of the publishing process, which allows Webflow to hide content from the indexer that you mark as “do not index”. So effectively it’s publishing a second version of the site just for site search to index. That won’t include your reverse-proxied external content.

There are 3rd party search solutions that crawl and index the site externally similarly to how Google does. I believe Webflow uses Swiftype on webflow .com. Expensive though. I’d probably try Google’s solution first.


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