Search Option to Search Registered students 400 in total

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I have implemented search for a client which is great for general searches. I realise Webflow’s search feature is best for global type of searches. What my client wants is this - they have a number of students 400 in total - how could I use search to show who is registered without showing the whole list of students on the page - I have used basic CMS on pages where I want collection lists to show up - would the search be able to drill into CMS items not directly displayed on pages? any suggestions on this would be useful - I know I can use third party database solutions like to provide such functionality etc but I want to keep things as native to Webflow as possible. As I haven’t implemented this yet I just want some ideas before setting it all up.

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I recommend that you take a little time to review the search functions and features provided in this university article. I just double checked it and all of the questions that you raise Appear to be answered.


If you allow collection items to be searched, and the engine finds a match, results will be displayed. This happens regardless of where is the user is in your site when they submit the search. There is no provision to limit the search scope based on where you are or what collection you are in. Searchable items are either in the index or they are not.

Let me /us know if this does not address your questions.

many thanks WebDev I sorted this out - its limited - but works fine - ty anyway

Glad you resolved your issue. Maybe you would consider sharing your solution here, so others might benefit?

hi there Webdev - in the end the client wanted something more specific so we implemented a Knack.Com solution. I had initially proposed a search option which would show details on the CMS page but the problem we had with that was search will pulling up results from other pages so it wasn’t really what they wanted. I had in the past read somewhere that Webflow will in future improve the search feature to include more advanced searches - right now they rely on an open source solution which is fine in that you can skin results etc and ok for a lot of use cases just not so much corporate.

Elasticsearch is used by many large enterprises. The issue on Webflow, is the lack of granular indexing controls and the ability to limit the scope of a search per project. It will be coming eventually since the capabilities exist in ES. At least you can limit items and objects from the index. That is very granular and an awesome feature. Many search tools cost other site owners more than the price of a WF Business plan. Knack sounds like a better fit. It is a really cool product as well.