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Account Plan (Lite)

Greeting Webflowers!

I am exiting to “return” to webflow! and this time i wanna dive deeper into the flow. I am kinda interested in deliver web project for clients with webflow framework in future instead of wordpress. Hope my move is right.

For Account Lite plan

  1. How many CMS items can we create?
  2. There is a “Ecommerce” under site plan. But if i am in account plan, how could i build an online shop for client? should i code the shopping cart from scratch? Payment gateway? everything?
  3. If i complete a web portal for my client, I am only allowed to host it under webflow with a site plan is it? Or i could host the site in other hosting provider?
  4. If i host my site under webflow with any site plan, does it means my site already https by default?

Thanks for the clarification.

Take a look here