Site Plan with eCommerce Template

Hi all,

Hoping someone can assist as I have had no reply from Webflow support.

This is my first project using Webflow, and whilst I really like the set up I seem to have run into an issue. The template I cloned has an eCommerce section, which I don’t require so deleted from the homepage.

I am now ready to publish, and as such bought the CMS site plan (the basic was greyed out for me, I presumed as I use a portfolio collection on my site). Payment was taken, and a receipt emailed to me, but when I try to link up my custom domain to my site I get a warning that I have to add a site plan again.

Having researched, I am wary this may be due to the eCommerce section of the template meaning I need to purchase an eCommerce plan? If so, is there a way to completely delete the eCommerce part of my site (as I say, it’s not visible on the homepage as I do not need it) and if not, is the only option to start a new project (and can I get a refund on the CMS site plan!)?

Hoping someone can help.

Hi @craftcre

Short answer, start a new project without the eCommerce enabled. Enabling eCommerce on a site will create collections, pages, and settings that you won’t be able to completely remove.

You should be able to get a refund but only for the remaining period you haven’t used the hosting for which Webflow Support will calculate for you. It will either be given back as credits or refunded to your payment method.

Thanks @WisdomainUK - that’s a bit frustrating (as it wasn’t made clear before) but at least I know now, a steep learning curve!

I’ve contacted Webflow Support via email now about a refund although I am still awaiting a reply from my first email 4 days ago so…

Thanks again!