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Canceling subscription without loosing payed period

Hi Webflow,
I just came across the scenario when I needed to remove the payment method or in other words canceling the hosting subscription. What I wanted to achieve was making sure that next recurring payment will not happen, but at the same time I wanted to use up the hosting period I payed for.

I was not able to do that. I was only able to cancel the hosting subscription which terminated the service immediately. This way I threw away about 100$ without refund and without possibility to use the hosting till the end of the period I payed for.

This felt unfair.

Other services like Adobe plans let you use up your credit even if you cancel the ongoing deal.

Maybe something to consider implementing.


update: I got refund, but it is the same thing, credit card has to be there til the end of payed period.
Here is wishlist thread

Contact support,

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