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Site not displaying correctly on iphone mobile portrait view


I’ve finished my portfolio site and it looks and functions great on every device except my wife’s iPhone.

The home page works correctly, but any of the subpages float to the left, only filling half the page.

Here is a screenshot:

Everything works perfectly on my Android phone, but not the iPhone. Any idea what’s causing this? Perhaps it’s Safari?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you share the read-only link? I’m thinking you probably need to set overflow to hidden.

Righto, sorry meant to do that. Here is the link:

No worries. Check your overflows on your sections and your invisible header. Make sure they are set to hidden and see if that fixes the issue. Typically the white space is from a section or element extending past the page and or a section were an interaction is happening from outside the width of the page.

Ah yes, this is exactly the problem. However, part of the design of the page is that the header has a slight angle along the bottom (a technique I learned from one of the webflow tutorials, I believe), but when I turn the overflow off, the angle disappears since it’s outside the bounding box. Know of any tricks to allow this angle to show with overflow off?

Scratch that, I’ve figured it out. Thanks! you’re a lifesaver.

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