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Site on mobile device in portrait view is not full width

When viewing in mobile previewer everything is fine but when viewing on my iPhone 6 in portrait view nothing is 100% width.

Read Only link:

I’ve read the following topics but still haven’t found a solution:

This is only an issue in portrait view. If the issue is overflow, how can I find the offending element? If it’s not an overflow issue what could it be?

Hello @leejohnson

As you guess, this issue causes by some overflow. Object, which creates this overflow is “line” under the image with phone, it has width 451 px

For fix it, set overflow: hidden to column with class “center”



Great job finding it @sabanna ! :grinning: Those little details…

Here I explained the technic that I am using for find the reason of overflow:

Always work fast and help to find even smallest details :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @sabanna will definitely use it. Огромное спасибо!!!

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WOW! This is a great trick that I’ve never used before. By the way, I went with a 50% width instead and it solved a few other design issues as well.

Thanks for you help. You rock!

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Thanks Anna. I have just found my problem, in this case the screen was too big. All the code was fine, but I discovered an embedded video had code that was set to 833px… Changed it to 100% and problem solved!

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