My logo and nav bar doesn't show on my iphone

Hello helpful people in the forum,

After 2 months, I’ve finally built my first website using Webflow. I’m very happy with the tool, and the many helpful tutorials on the website, and the workshops by @PixelGeek, but I’ve also encountered loads problems. One of the more pressing problems is:

My landing page nav bar (including my logo) doesn’t show up on my iPhone, but it looks fine on desktop and Android phones, so I decided to disable the nav bar on mobile devices altogether (since it doesn’t do much anyway), and pull the logo out of the Nav component, but it still doesn’t work, my logo just won’t show.

Please let me know what went wrong, and how can I fix it.
thank you very much for your time!

Here is my site Read-Only:
also the webflow sub domain site:

and some screenshots:

Wow, this is really odd. It shows on the Mobile breakpoint but I loaded the site on my iPhone like you said and sure enough the logo does not load.

Another thing too is it’s hard to test from my side without publishing any changes because it’s a read only link. I mean this because the logo shows inside the Designer window but the issue isn’t there. It is specifically on iPhones it seems like.

I hope you find a solution soon! Wish I could help but for me I don’t know how I would see any changes through a read only link in this situation.

hi J, thanks for checking it out. :smiley: Unfortunately, I also don’t know how to provide a link that allows others to test things out. If anyone knows how, please let me know. Thanks!

Another interesting piece of information, The nav bar worked well (in safari) a few weeks ago, and I even had the “enter when page scroll down” interaction. It’s broken after I duplicated the home page and made a few changes, then I found that interaction is gone, and also this problem came.

I’ve checked the interaction panel, I made sure nothing is on this page. I’ve also tried to delete the nav bar and made a new one, but the same problem. As long as I set the nav bar position to “Fixed” or “relative”, it disappears (in Safari browser).

Yeah, I can see that. That whole top section isn’t showing. Really odd to me.

I found the issue with safari!
I removed the Rotate -3x style and it solved it. This might solve the other issues too!! Go ahead and see if that works for you! I posted a photo for you!

*Where you see the -3x on Rotate… Just click on the Blue Style Selector that says Transform and choose “Remove This Style”!

Transform on top section:

Remove Style:


Hope this worked for you!

All this was in Safari by the way! So you should be good! :slight_smile:

OMG!! IT WORKED! thank you so much J, for looking into the problem! I was stuck for days, and did not notice it all this time! Thank you for solving my problems, Really appreciate it!:smiley::smiley::+1:

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That’s so awesome! Really stoked that it resolved your situation! Couldn’t be happier to hear that! Wish you the best! Have a great day!

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