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My published site has an issue on mobile

I created my portfolio here in webflow. It’s not the first site I’ve created but it is the first time I’ve had an issue. When I view the site on a mobile phone I have a weird div on the right hand side of the page. It doesn’t show up in the design view or when I preview it in the Webflow app.

Here is the read only link to my project:

And here is a screenshot of the issue.

Support encouraged me to search for overflow issues, but after review I can’t see anything. Anyone have any ideas??

I could really use some help! Thanks in advance for any help this community can provide!

I see what you mean.
I think it’s your image. Right now it’s set to tile. Try turning that off. I’ll keep poking around.

I got it. In mobile view this text is hanging off the side causing the whole thing to move over:
Make the text a little smaller. Otherwise the site is amazing. Oh it’s in tablet mode for the image.

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Brilliant! Great find! Can’t believe I didn’t see it.

Thanks for the help and the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’m blown away by the amazing things you can do in webflow. It’s my new favorite tool!

Well, I made the change but it’s still happening. But if I scroll down, then back to the top it goes away. Hmmm…this is so confusing!

In webflow when you scroll into different sections the position of the active section anchor link will change and you just have to adjust the anchor links in their active and non active states to be the same as each other. I find it odd when it does this sometimes. @callmevlad how come section anchor links do this in webflow? Doesn’t always happen but it’s happened to me many times. Just curious :slight_smile:

I’m confused @Waldo_Broodryk - what’s the fix in my situation? I appreciate your help!

I’m on my phone until this evening. Can give you step by step instructions then :slight_smile: or @sabanna may be able to help :smile:

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, @Waldo_Broodryk!

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My pleasure :slight_smile: @rileyrichter btw keep it shreddy man! Lol. Awesome profile and always cool to know there are other land locked surfers/skaters out there haha. I hope you at least go longboarding or skating from time to time. :smile:

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Lol! Thanks, @Waldo_Broodryk! And yes, there are lots of us out there. Always good to know I’m not alone. I do some longboarding from time to time or when I get the chance, wakeboarding. Too much fun!

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Dang :frowning: Ok. I’ll have another look.

Thanks, @tjperry07! I appreciate it!

I know what happen.

You have an interaction with one of element, which slide up from right side. Initial appearance of this element makes him overflow the body.

When I put body overflow = hidden that issue been gone

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Hey - @sabanna - You’re a frigging genius! Thank you so much! @Waldo_Broodryk said you would know how to fix it. Very appreciative!!


Seems puzzles is my passion :smiley: LOL
Good luck.

P.S. Like you can see on my 2nd screenshot there is still some issues with tweeter plugin or something. I am not good in coding so hope you can fix it :wink:

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Lol! Glad they’re your passion, @sabanna because you’re good at them! :wink:

And that problem is something I am capable of fixing myself! Lol! Thanks again for the help! :smile:


Thanks for such compliments :smile: Glad I can help :blush:

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No problem! :wink: This community is pretty cool about providing support! So awesome!


Awesome webflow forum support FTW. :slight_smile: TThank you @sabanna for helping @rileyrichter :slight_smile: you all are awesome :smiley:

Waldo :smile: