Site is properly indexed by Google but almost all blog posts not showing up in search

Here is my site Read-Only

I have 61 blog posts in my CMS that have been around for many weeks. They are properly indexed, no issues with robots.txt, sitemap, crawling, etc (none of the 12 pages that aren’t indexed are blog posts, they are pages like

Yet Google and Bing only have 10 results while Duck Duck Go has all of them.

What can I check to fix this?


Google has access to my sitemap and has crawled and properly indexed every page

Yet Google only shows 10 random results for my blog. The other pages get 0 impressions.

Bing also has only 10 results (some the same as Google, some different)

Duck Duck Go shows them all

If you just Google one of the blog post URLs that isn’t shown initially it does appear in the Google search.

I’ve seen similar behavior in Google with site: searches. I have not heard any explanation as to why they’re incomplete, but my guess is that pagerank is just too low on some of them.

Even though they match the search perfectly, Google is deciding they don’t rank well enough to call attention to.

Interestingly on your search ( ),
I get this-


Even though there are only 12 results actually shown.

You could ask in Google forums, however your best bet is probably to promote those posts… reddit, facebook, partner sites, etc. Get that pagerank above zero.

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same issue is happening with my site.