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Site export and hosting costs

When I export a site, what exactly gets exported? Is it the complete site, with the html, css, images etc so I can just upload it all to another host and it will all work OK?
What about any forms I’ve created, do they have be hosted on Webflow to work or do they just use jscript?
Just wondering if I can design the sites in Webflow, export them, and import them into Umbraco.

If I go for the $35 Pro individual plan, and host say 10 sites for my customers, will my bill be $35+$120 for the hosting, or is it all included in my $35 plan?


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Hey @Nick68

1 You get everything in a zip. html, css, js, assets/images. The whole site.

2 Forms don’t work outside of Webflow. You can use something like

3. Site plans and account plans are two different things. Site plans are just hosting plans. You can have unlimited sites on the pro plan, but if you want to move a site to a custom domain you need to get a site plan/hosting plan.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart: