Single page storytelling (Challenge #1 winner)

If somebody had his childhood in the 90ā€™s, will understand this single page experiment of the Dragon Ball Z Snake Way.

I made a small analogy between the different media in which children consume Dragon Ball at the time: The Anime on TV or the Manga. And this page represents this difference through the two main forms of viewing what we have today: desktop and mobile.

What is clearly emphasized, is the difference of the content of these two publications, the Anime had numerous small parallel stories during this route, however the Manga was much more direct and objective.

It was a very nice exercise for that very nearly complete exchange of contents from the desktop and mobile.I hope you like it :wink:


Loved this submission! Fantastic (and very creative) work mate!
And congrats on winning!!


Iā€™m glad you like it @jaidenleach :smile:

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