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Shade Stories - Blog Concept

This is a blog concept I developed this week since I realized I never created a blog-specific site before.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Clean! There is something you can work on that will make your blog way better in SEO and also make it semantically better and make it stand a bit out of the other templates.

It is today important to avoid using buttons like “read more” buttons. Because they carry no meaning. Also, it’s aestetically disputable.

The principle is that a link should be applied to meaningful words. So putting a link on the title is better. What works too and is even better is to link the whole block. Wrap your teasers blocks in a link block and add a hover effect for users to understand that the whole thing is a link. And you’ll get rid of the buttons and can concentrate on a clearer layout.

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Thank you for the feedback mate, I took your advice regarding block links and it does look significantly better!

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