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One pager with subtle animations

I created a simple one pager, with a focus on some subtle animations and clarity:


I love it, that’s inspinring. Was it all done with webflow?

Thank you Aminerman. And yes, absolute everything is done in webflow. An amazing product for me as a non-developer.


Wow Marco, this is amazing! I really love the masked SVG approach to get the text to be see-through. I had to look at that several times to figure out how you did it :smiley:

By the way, I noticed that your background image is north of 600kb - which makes page load slow, especially on mobile. I’d recommend trying to compress the image to ideally under 100kb, and definitely under 200kb. Just running it through a tool like shaves off 150kb, so pretty sure you can get it down even more.


Great job, sir!

Very nice! Inspiring indeed =)

Hey callmevlad, thank you for the hint. I reduced the file size from 645kb to 455kb via jpgmini. Still a large one. But maybe i could try to load a smaller .jpg in the mobile viewport.

Great approach on the svg text. Thanks for sharing!


Great job! :smile:

Try this to reduce the photos its perfect