Force Be With You

Experimental One Page Three Section Floating Website :sunglasses:

I used this design for my portfolio website too. :computer:

Please share your opinions with me. Thank you. :beers:


Very cool portfolio ! :clap:

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Amazing look and feel to it. The interaction movements are really smooth and nice to click.

Two things: It might look cool to style the scroll bars in the section that folds out. And the mobile site - it doesn’t work on mobile really. You probably need to hide those three sections and create a different vertical layout as the three are too narrow when placed side by side on a mobile screen.

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Great site. I’m on a Mac and on Safari I cannot scroll. I’ts fine on Chrome but not on Safari. iOS Safari works as well.

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Thanks @jorn I will check Safari Browser on a Mac.

Thanks @Diarmuid_Sexton In the next version I will try this alternative for mobile. :sparkles: