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Single page portfolio site (available for cloning)

Hi all

Here’s a simple little one page design I started work on this morning for my personal portfolio. Still a few stock images in there which I need to replace with my own…but the design is pretty much done so I figured why not share :smile:

Live site:
Discover page:

Hope this comes in handy for some of you as a rough & ready-made template for a one pager. Free to be cloned to use it wherever you like.


Nice, thanks to share (: good fonts work. Where do we click to listen something !? I think you lack a musical element :smiley:

Thanks @vincent - much appreciated!

Totally agree - i need to find a way to incorporate a player of some sort. I did have a small fixed player at the bottom of the screen at one point but it looked a little cluttered…i’ll have a rethink :slight_smile:

Personally I like when it’s a Soundcloud embeded player… it’s a great tech, has many options… and when you decide to go further, you can hire a dev to use their API to make a totally customized one.

Thanks Vincent - taken your advice and put a soundcloud embed in there for the time being…i’ll have to read up on the API documentation for soundcloud and think about building something customer in due course.