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A simple record label landing page

Another new one for your fine people.

I run a small record label in my spare time…the majority of our engagement with fans is social media & blog based, but we still needed a simple one pager to explain who were are and what we do.

It’s a pretty simple affair, but it works for us! If anyone digs the design i’ll be happy to create a cloneable version for you guys to play with.

PS. If anyone knows how to build a custom player using the Soundcloud API (to replace our current “Fresh Music” section) and could give some advice on this I would be HUGELY grateful!

Nice effective and fresh looking, kudos.

About the Soundcloud player, isn’t is “as simple as” creating a playlist and copy/pasting the player code into Webflow using the HTML widget?

@vincent - thanks, much appreciated.

Yeah embedding a standard soundcloud playlist is a simple procedure, but i’m looking to build a completely customised player using the Soundcloud Javascript API. That way I could make it 100% in keeping with the site’s styling etc.

As good example of the kind of thing i’m hoping to build is . They’re all just soundcloud playlists, customised using the API.

That’s great, I didn’t know Soundcloud had such a complete API.

My program of choice to make elaborated components to embed into sites is Adobe Edge Animate, but with a search I could only find people asking for help with Soundcloud API and Animate… (: