Simplest method for a buy now button

I don’t need any ecommerce functionality beyond a ‘buy now’ button for each product (no user ability to access a cart etc) & a simple funnel to checkout - I may need offer customisable ‘add ons’ once the buy button has been clicked.

Which is the simplest/best/budget friendly option? I have looked at / am considering

  1. Switching to Shopify
  2. Upgrading to Webflow Ecommerce
  3. Add a plugin to Webflow - e.g Shoprocket [Shoprocket Integration | Webflow University(Shoprocket Integration | Webflow University)
  4. Use Foxy - Foxy |
  5. Webflow + headless Shopify
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It doesn’t get much simpler than buy now buttons w/ headless Shopify, and $9/mo is pretty good.

Foxy should be easy to implement, I haven’t checked it in a few years, at that time the UI was outdated.

Another option for super-crude scenarios is to just add a paypal button, advantage is you can do calculations and give an arbitrary price for Paypal to collect, by standard CC ( client does not need a Paypal account ). No monthly charges but the transaction costs are at the high end.

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Hi @Jay_Griffiths.
Josh with Foxy here. Sounds like a perfect fit for Foxy + Webflow. Happy to chat through your needs and get you pointed in the right direction.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out:


@Jay_Griffiths Foxy’s easy and quick, will be doing 2 projects using them pretty soon myself. Plus they’re a simple option in a world where Stipe doesn’t work everywhere.

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