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Simple question from greenhorn

Hi Guyes,
after picking up the template (free or I buy one) what costs do I need to take for CMS? Do I have cms for free and I can easly edit my website?

I will be very glad to answear this very beginners question.


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@Danuta_Pawlik welcome to the forum! A webflow cms subscription costs $20/month or $16/month if you pay for a whole year. An account is free unless you need agency features like client billing. Both the free and paid templates are very good but don’t include the use of webflow, you just pay for the template.

Hi, I need to build very simple Web as a Visitcard of the architect office. Few words about us, contact etc. If we but template and then 16$ per month if we pay for the whole year we we will have in the price: hosting, cms and template? No extra costs?

@Danuta_Pawlik The $16 per month is

  • use of the CMS and webflow
  • hosting

That’s what’s included. If you want to use a paid template, that’s extra. Free templates are free of course :slight_smile: .
So other than the cost (one time fee) of the template, that’s it, just $16/month if you pay for the whole year. If you want to pay one month at a time, it costs $20/month.

Are you planning on using the CMS functionality? For example a blog or employees page with a back-end way of managing. If not, you don’t have to get the CMS plan, the basic plan would work.