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Selling a Webflow template CMS package to a customer

Hi there,

This is probably going to come across daft but I just want make sure I have the right end of the stick before offering something to a client.
So! more & more of our clients want quick easy websites for less money! Initially I would have come from a design led build a website from scratch sort of world… and while I plan to continue this, I want to offer budget conscious clients the option of Webflow templates with Webflow CMS.
Am I right in saying that in order to offer such a package a client will need to (at the very least) buy into a $16p/m (€12p/m) subscription hosting/CMS package. And is this is a set charge per site?
Or, Can I buy into this subscription and use it against multiple client sites so they don’t have maintain these costs?
Usually I would code in Webflow and then convert to Perch CMS which is a once off licence fee of €80. I’m trying to size up the costs benefits here of a once off charge Vs. charging a client €144 pr year to offer the same service?
Appreciate your guidance on this folks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Bammedia,

In my understanding, if you use a webflow template you ll need to host on webflow.
About the pricing :

Your client ll be charged 16$ a month with annual billing.
This price is for 1 site hosting only.
You can not put multiple websites on one hosting on webflow.
Hope this helps,

Thanks for clarifying this zbrah (although I’m sure you can buy a template and just export the code)
It looks awesome but it’s a hard sell to smaller/startup clients who want to get up and running on a budget. I know clients can expect to pay €50 per year for their hosting and this is covered, but still €150 yearly is a tall order?! We usually soak a once off Perch licence into the costs and set it up as the main CMS, but off course this is more coding work to fit into tight budgets!
Webflow, please offer more affordable CMS solutions!! :smiley:

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