Simple form submits into the Webflow CMS (video)

How do you send a native Webflow form submission directly into the CMS?

Unfortunately you can’t :rage:

With 652 upvotes on the wishlist, you’re not the only one who wants to.

Scratching my own itch, I just wanted a quick, repeatable way to send form info into the CMS.

Without huge costs. Without wasting my valuable time.

I’ve come up with that solution using only Webflow and the Integromat free tier ( ) and wanted to share it.

You’ll be able to send over 300 form submissions / month on their free tier for up 2 unique forms.

Perfect for getting started and running a low traffic site :+1:

(If more is needed, you can pay $9/month for almost 3.5k form submissions every month, and an unlimited number of forms. Super reasonable when you need to scale up) :white_check_mark:

Above :point_up_2: is the screencast showing you how to do exactly this.

For more details & resources than I could stuff into a 10 minute video, checkout the original post…

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Is there a reason you went the json route with the 302 and not a location response header?

@thewonglv yea…it’s an AJAX form so it’s expecting this response. If you don’t use that then a 302 Location (as you’ve shown) works great! I use this approach all the time as well.

Did that help?

ah, that makes sense - I’m using robodog to process the form submission so no ajax.

unrelated: have you ever tried to setup error handling with your integromat integration? e.g. sending a 500 response code and using that to display the error message on the page

Do that often! So typically I do that with AJAX so I send back a custom error message and have Javascript display it to the screen.

But if you’re not using AJAX, then have it send back a 302 to a specific, static page describing the error. It works well!

Hi Thanks Chris fro sharing such a valuable information but I am getting this error. Can you help me with this?