Signing in to membership site through Instagram/GMail

Hey guys,

I’m a building a membership site for a client, and they’re wondering if it’s possible in Webflow to allow users to sign in to their membership account through their Gmail/Instagram/etc account?

Is something like this possible? Thanks

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Hello @mattzabierek

My name is Robert and I work at Memberstack. We’re one of the biggest membership/authentication services for Webflow – you can read more about us at our homepage.

We are currently releasing the 2.0 version of our product and this is one of the major items on the roadmap for this quarter. I can let you know when it comes out, but getting started on Memberstack now should make it much easier to integrate this onto your site when it is available.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for responding! Do you guys currently offer any products that would allow third-party log ins on Webflow? If not, when do you expect the 2.0 version will be available?