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How can we create a user management system? (create account, log in/out)


We need to allow our customers to purchase subscription plans (which is already possible via the marketplace plan). However, for this to happen, we need a seamless way to sign them up and have common user account management functionalities, such as log in, log out, reset password, etc.

Thank you for your assistance!
How can we achieve that in Webflow?

Welcome to the community @Petros_Topouzis!

Currently this isn’t possible natively in Webflow (they have mentioned that they are actively working on this feature although there isn’t a release date) but other users have found success with Memberstack. I’ve pinged @Naitik_Mehta who is part of that team so you can connect and see if your project would be a good fit for the platform.

As an alternative, recently introduced membership functionality in beta and allows for purchasing Subscriptions, so I’ve pinged @foxy as well to see if that’s something that’d work in your case.

I’m not too sure which option your using now or whether either of my suggestions would work alongside or replace it, but that should give you some avenues to check out :+1:


@mikeyevin, many thanks for your prompt and detailed response :pray: Very glad to be a part of such an active community!

Both of the solutions seem interesting and could potentially address our business needs; @Naitik_Mehta + foxy, we need to further discuss the possibility of using the user ID to enable Slack OATH capabilities and enable the subscription options.

To be exact, our core product is a Machine Learning Slack app and thus, not only we require a web registration/log in, but also to be able to provide a seamless user experience between both apps (Web App & Slack App) operation in different environments.

Let’s get the ball rolling.


@mikeyevin Thank you for the ping.

@Petros_Topouzis We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your use case, needs, and desired customer flow. Please email us and we’ll do our best to help you determine if Foxy is a good fit:


@Petros_Topouzis - Memberstack currently doesn’t have OAuth. We’re launching a developer-friendly version of our product soon (Memberstack Developer Program) and would be happy to look into Slack OAuth as we make progress! :slight_smile: