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Side Navbar - An Alternative Way to Get Auto Hamburger Icon and Drop Down

I’ve created a side nav bar. Though this bar looks good in desktop or tablet mode it becomes cumbersome to manipulate in either of the phone modes. In those latter two modes I’d rather have the auto hamburger icon w the drop down menu. The only way I could think of making that happen is to start w two navbars and hiding the top one when in desktop or tablet mode. Likewise I hide the side navbars when in either phone mode. Probably not the most efficient solution but it seem to work. Is there anything wrong with the approach I took? Anyone have another idea? Here is my project link

Having two sets of almost similar elements to use depending of the device is an often made advice in this forum, because it’s often the only Webflow based solution for a given problem. IMHO I think it’s okay to do so, if you can handle the hassle of having two elements to maintain, update, instead of one.

It’s not going to harm your page rank because of a broken rule, if that’s your asking. HTML police won’t come knock at your door :wink:

It works perfectly on your demo.

Thanks Vincent. Things are always fun til the police show up. :smiley: