Regular Nav and Hamburger icon at the same time?

Hi Guys. Is is possible to have both the hamburger nav AND the regular horizontal link list up at the same time? I know its a bit silly, but I have a client that is insisting on wanting both on desktop view. I’ve been working on it and I can do is so that the hamburger is up all the time, but if its up, the link list dissapears. Any tips? I only need this for desktop view. Once it goes to mobile / tablet view its fine that only the hamburger shows up. Any tips?

Hmm, this seems like something I would push back on as I’d imagine the hamburger would trigger the visibility of a duplicated navigation menu. It’s one thing to use a hamburger menu for both desktop and mobile, but showing it when the navigation is already visible seems redundant.

If it’s something you can’t get around, then I’d probably recommend recreating the functionality with interactions. The native Navbar element can be a bit tricky to strongarm — especially in this case with the need for a standard navigation list alongside a “hidden” one — and ultimately making it from scratch gives you way more control.