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Is it possible to have items from Desktop site removed from Mobile?


I’m new to Webflow and have a question regarding desktop to mobile variations.

I am creating a top nav on site, which will sit above the header and main nav including social icons and a couple of quick links.

This looks fine as is in desktop, tablet and landscape mobile however when I am in Portrait Mobile the top nav goes over two lines. Rather than making the text smaller and hard to use, I want to remove the links in the top nav and replace with a single text link to phone.

I tried to just delete the links and replace but that changed the items on all variations.

Can anyone advise what to do if possible?


Visibility of any element can be set here:

So you can hide certain elements for certains breakpoints.

You can decide to hide a full navbar for devices and have a second navbar for devices, that you hide for desktop. I often have 2 differents navs, because I consider that a nav that hides behind a hamburger menu should be banned (yeah like in the law, with prison sentences :wink: ) (I swear I really hate hamburger menus).

Hi Vincent,

That’s great - thanks for the speedy response, much easier than I realised.

I’m mixed on hamburger menus, I think they serve a purpose but a second menu with the key items laid out clearly for visitors to see is also needed to promote click throughs.

Thanks again

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Note that you can also do it CSS-style… by passing elements display:none in the style panel, for each breakpoint.

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