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Hamburger on desktop

When I want the hamburger menu menu to appear on the desktop, the desktop menu disappears. How do I stop that from happening?

Isn’t it what you’d expect it to do?

If you want a normal menu plus a hamburger icon giving you access to the rest of the menu, put a dropdown menu item at the end of the menu and put a hamburger icon close to the item text. make the icon only visible for desktop and the text (More…) only appear for the devices.

Ah brilliant, thanks. I find the whole navbar thing on Webflow a nightmare…

Really? I find it’s kind of working very well… I use it as less as possible though, I am strongly against using a hamburger menu, wether it’s on desktop or on mobile. I try to propose more straight forward experiences.

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I find it all seems to happen like magic, but I can’t actually control it terribly well. Do you happen to know any videos showing creating a handmade nav bar by any chance?
(PS I know what you mean about the hamburger.)

Hmm, drop a section, give it the HTML5 “Nav” tag in the settings tab, drop a container inside it, a div that you call Navbar that you make flot right, a link block that you call brand that you let aligned left, and now you can put links into the Navbar div… That’s a 100% legit navbar here. Sorry it’s not a video :smiley:

Then you rework it for every breakpoint. You can even align it fixed to bottom for phones, hide the text of the link, show icons instead and make a nice app-like toolbar… everything is possible. Just don’t forget to give it the HTML5 tag “Nav”.


@Hywel I agree with @vincent, the navbar is really flexible and powerful. Creating one of your own via divs is super easy as well – once you get the hang of it. It’s worth spending some time testing and mastering.

Did you see the demo kit?

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Much appreciated both, I never knew the relevance of the section ‘naming’, I look forward to giving it a go tomorrow. Thanks muchly.

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