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Showing related posts within an individual blog page


I am having trouble making related posts show up on my individual blog page. I’ve read all previous forum posts on this, watched the university videos, and instructional videos on youtube - still no luck, not sure what I am doing wrong.

  • I have two collections: 1) with all my blog posts in it, and 2) with my categories in it. Within the blog posts collection, I have added a single reference for “Category” that links to the second collection.
  • When I go to create a the new collection list at the bottom of the individual blog page, I link it to the “Blog Posts” category. However, when I go to filter the posts that appear in this section to match the category of the current post, no option exists within the filtering for the category itself.

Really at a loss here - thank you for helping!

Here is my public share link:

Hmm, I’m able to see the option on my end but you’ll need to scroll down in order to see it (it’s at the bottom of the list):



After saving the options shown above, I see three blog posts:

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OMG - yes, that worked - I wasn’t scrolling, and the scroll bar didn’t appear.

Thank you so much for this - I’ll leave this here in case anyone is as silly as me in the future :-/

Thank you!

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Glad you could get it figured out!

I’ve actually seen a couple folks mention that they can’t see the scrollbar, are you on MacOS by chance?

I am, yes - seems like it applies specifically to us lol.

Well thankfully this is an expected behavior on MacOS (as they hide scrollbars until interaction) however for situations like this it may cause confusion. Either way, good to hear you got it situated :+1:

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