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Thanks in advance for your help here.

I’m close to making my site live (currently password protected) and I’ve prepaired two blog posts.

The blog posts are showing up on the page and the blog post filter by category is also working as expected.

What doesn’t work and where I’m stuck is the display All Blog section. I can’t seem to figure out what’s preventing all the posts from showing up. I’m sure it’s something small but so far I’m stuck.

If it helps the template I’m using is:

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
(how to access public share link)

Site: https://cyclegrades.webflow.io/
Password: davidiscyclegrades

I figured this out.

It looks like Featured Posts will not show up in the All Filter down below, but when I tested with a 3rd post that was not flagged as a Featured Post it showed up.

Hey David, can’t see your setup as you’ve disabled the preview link.

By default, all published items that are bound to a collection list will show unless you’ve set filtering or limits to exclude posts.

If you’re not seeing items, than it’s either filters, limits, or that the items are in draft / archived status.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate the follow up here!

I was testing it further and saw that I had to add a 3rd post for it to start appearing. It looks like it was filtering out the featured posts that were already on display at the top of the page for some reason.

I can work around that for now, I was more afraid that it was not working at all.

I removed the share link after finding this out so you all would not waste time. I appreciate the help again.

Ha people still try to click on it and help out.

My guess is your first collection list is set to limit to 2 items starting at #1, and that your second collection list is set to start at item 3. It’s a technique some layout designers use to allow for a variant display on the newest items.

That would make a lot of sense and probably what’s going on.

Is there a way to mark this as resolved or do I need to remove the post?

Nvm saw that I can click the box for Solution.