Showing off my very very first portfolio :-)

Hi Guys,

Just launched my very first personal portfolio. Having a little bit of struggle with animation and interaction on Safari. Let me know what you think. Any comment and feedback are welcome!

Here is my public share link:



This is actually a cleverly designed and thoughtful presentation. I dig it! The one pager isn’t boring, it is very fluid and fun. I could possibly nitpick here and there but it is an excellent show of designer skills and his approach.

The one thing that you can fix right away is a huge gap after the last case study piece - you scroll too much for the section to advance.

This is awesome! Love it!

It’s really nice. Solid content, flow, and just the right amount/level of animations/transitions to add a little visual interest.

I haven’t looked via mobile, but assumed you scaled back on some of the animations/transitions, which in my opinion would help, on mobile. “Get them to what they want…quickly and clearly”