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New Portfolio — online

Hey guys, first post searching for feedback here :wink:
I just published my new portfolio. I still miss a little of Visual ID there but there’s always the hardest part on Portfolio making, to find a way to express you and your work visually »

I’m a Visual Designer, not too much focused on Frontend but would like to make more animated in a while. But as I’m rushing to find a new job had to publish/ship it and evolve it later.

Hope to hear your thoughts. Hv a great weekend!




Your site breaks several different ways on my system.
On Entry it looks like this (note how the text is jumbled and over-written):

Hamburger Menu (creative social icons positioning)::

Hamburger Menu broken (after opening and closing the menu 3 times, it breaks and disappears and doesn’t reappear unless I reload the page. Note more text based interference.)

System Spec:
Google Chrome Browser Version Version 56.0.2924.76 (Current)
Screen Res: 1360 x 768
Monitor: 32" Samsung LCD in 720dpi HDMI

Goog luck.


Nice work @henriquefoca

I suggest you test the site and all major browsers and devices as well.

Other than that, very nice website. Love the menu, and the inside pages. :thumbsup:

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Super cool! Love it!

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Hey @henriquefoca,

I love it good job ! I missed some “classic” animations at the beginning but at the end i’m not even sure you should animate more this site :smiley:
I guess it makes it different in a way which is cool :slight_smile:

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Thank you Anna!!! Yeah, that looks like an issue to me as well. I could not make that background color of text a level down tough. And if I increase the leading doesn’t looks well - too much space. Do you have an idea about how to fix it???

Thanks by the feedback, Brian!!!
However I’m not sot sure how to fix it. Looks like some measures with VH are not being recognized by your system - not sure why.
I’ll conduct some tests in different browsers - thanks by the help!

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Thanks man! :slight_smile:

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Yes, sure!
I wanted to be minimalist at the ID but animations should really make a difference in a context like that. I’ll search through the forum some styles that could make it shine :wink:

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I’ve discovered how to deal with it, thanks again for the feedback, man!

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I would:

  • break the paragraph into 2 lines;
  • keep line-height: 1.25em like the body default you are using. (for desktop, tweak for other breakpoints)
  • Use font-size: 2em (for desktop, tweak for other breakpoints)
  • Fix the margins. (tweak for all breakpoints)

like this:

Question: Why are you using h1 for this?


Hey, thank u very much Ava - and yeah, that’s completely Webflow.
I would give it a try If I was you — is fun to learn (Videos) and the animated results are really cool. As you can see, the final product doesn’t look like that generic sites from another website builder of the web. I recommend it :wink:

Guys, as you can see on this first image, there’s a gap between 1360x768 (notebook 15’) and Tablet Resolution. I can’t adjust things to work well on those screens because don’t want to change the size of H1 for bigger screens. The final project is mainly typographical and I can’t break the hierarchy…

On bigger resolutions is ok, as you can see. And for smaller than Tablet, we have the responsive sizes ready too.

Do you have thoughts about it? What should I do?
Hv a great week, everbody :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work. Are you using Webflow CMS or it’s just a plain site?

This is a plain site. But it could easily be done in CMS.
My problem with CMS in Webflow is that you cannot export things — you need to be hosted by WF.

I’ve created a big site for a company I used to work in CMS but in the end the Board Members didn’t want to hv it hosted by WF and I basically lost all my dear work :frowning:

But If you’re asking me if you consider CMS - if that hosting is not a problem - I’d love it. Pretty simples e useful…

I did one for myself but I like yours better :slight_smile:
of course done in Webflow.

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