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Showcasing app prototypes done in Adobe XD

We haven’t started designing the site yet. But want to find out if perhaps there may be some good ways we may be able to go about this…

We have been asked to create a website that would showcase a few mobile app prototypes designed using Adobe XD.

We came across this in the Showcase section (sorry to whoever created it! We had clone the project way way back and couldn’t find the creator to thank them here):

We are told that the prototypes should be how it is in the link i.e. clickable, with some animations, so user can explore a bit.

Adobe XD creates prototype links for user to click around. We initially thought of using a screenshot of the prototype, then hyperlink the image with Adobe’s prototype URLs.

However, our client is hoping there’s a way for user to click on the prototypes without leaving the website.
Would anyone got any suggestions, without us having to recreate each prototype on Webflow??


Are you able to embed them within iframes?

That is exactly what has been done in the example you link to, as far as I can tell. On the page you linked, the Iphone’s “screen” is an iframe linking to this site, which is itself made up of multiple iframes.

Also, this might be the original, as you mentioned you couldn’t find it.