Show new CMS items without page refresh


I have created a table with CMS items on my website. With Integromat, I’m adding new values ​​there. Is it possible to see new values ​​that have been added to the CMS collection without having to reload the page?

There won’t be a build in solution, I think more in the direction of js.

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Yes, like you mentioned, you’d have to lean heavily on some custom JS. You can have your custom JS make a request out to Integromat, Integromat can query the Webflow CMS, and Integromat can then return that query (with JSON) back to your front end JS, that then in turn displays it the screen :nerd_face:

Greetings @Ric2502,

Were you able to find a solution or work around to this?

Regards, Dan

hi @d-o-n-e

Yes I have. I now use the Firebase database and use js to get the information from the respective table with a snapshot listener.

Quite a lot of code :yum:


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Do you have to export your Webflow code to Firebase Hosting (with maybe github repos), or is all of your Firebase code inside Webflow - Code Embeds; /head; before/body ?

That is my dream tech stack :smiley: Firebase + Webflow. Well played captain

The page is still hosted by webflow, I wrote part of the code in it and partly embedded it externally (because of 10.000 char cap).

For my project I also needed a chat function for the customer. I didn’t want to get a paid solution and then integrate it. Then I built my own chat with Angular.js … All of that within webflow :stuck_out_tongue: The admin area is on my subdomain (no webflow).

working like a charm :slight_smile: good luck with your project!