Development questions, authenticated user specific data

Hello Webflowers!

I’m brand spankin new to Webflow, coming from a background with js/html/css. I’ve been in the process of building a website which I’m now considering if it could be built in Webflow.

I’ve learned a few answers already, but the main one I’m still unsure about is this:

If I have a logged-in user, am I able to fetch data specific to that user (via a JS api), and have it accessible on the client side.

Not looking to persist or store the data, just fetch and keep in a json object while they’re on the site. I’m assuming I could then display the json object as needed.

Any advice on how you might go about this is welcomed – however I’m mainly looking to determine if it is possible at this point.

Thanks for any information and looking forward to learning the ropes so I can pay it forward in the community =)


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Hi @Turnfire :wave:

This is not possible natively with Webflow. That said, you could wire together Integromat to return a JSON blob from the Webflow CMS to the client side.

Not straight forward, but doable :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the answer Chris (great name btw).

I do use Integromat for several other things, but not sure it will be viable for this specific use case (pretty expensive for the volume).

I think I’ll jump in and dabble a bit, get a better idea of what is restricted or what I could code myself. Maybe I can find a way to macguyver something until native capabilities exist.


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It should be reasonable. You could get away with only 3 operations per request…

Webhook → Webflow CMS → Webhook response (you get 10,000 operations/month for $9)

That’s not the tricky part, what is will be writing the custom code to glue the JSON response to your Webflow elements. If that’s comfortable for you then it’ll all be fairly straightforward.

Another approach is to go full custom code and use something like MemberStack and their front end api. You write custom code to store and retrieve a JSON blob from them directly.

Thanks for the follow-up. Rather than the operation volume, I’m more concerned about response times through Integromat. Personally, I have not set up that scenario before, so I may be overestimating the response time.

I’ve worked with JS (and other languages) for well over a decade, so I can usually figure things out in one way or another. That being said, if I can write less code and be more efficient, I’m always up for that!

Yea response times are an issue, but it’s a trade off. I consistently see 200ms to 300ms response times to hit the Integromat Webhook. Though some UI/UX work helps reduce what’s perceived by the user.

Since you’re so familiar with JS already, my second recommendation (using the front end api) may be a super easy route for you.