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Firebase; Cloud Function; Post Request

Hello, I am new here and would like to ask a question.

I have a database in Firebase where different values are stored. Now I have created a cloud function for this database, where the URL can be used to retrieve this information via Post Request.

When I create a new form and change the button to POST and insert my url, the value I entered in the field is submitted and I am redirected to my URL where the output is shown.

Now, depending on the value of the output, I want to display the result individually within my webflow page.

How does it work? CMS? Ask for your help!

You will need to find a way to read the response to your POST request from your cloud function. If you are using the default Webflow form then I’m not exactly sure how you can achieve this.

You could always use an embed element and make a custom form, then you can handle form submissions with ajax and easily read the response from your server.

Once you have your response then you can use a custom script to show the appropriate elements on the page.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I’ve been doing a little research and reading a lot.

Is there the possibility to create a CMS with Webflow and to connect the CMS with Zapier or Integromat. Each time a search term is entered in the form, the value is sent to Zapier and then back to the webflow cms where the data is changed live.

I think something like this is possible with Zapier, if you search this forum you should find some posts on this topic.

You might want to watch out for CMS limits depending on your site plan and the number of submissions you are expecting.

Maybe with Zapier you can link webflow and firebase but writing a custom form with a code component that handles the request would be worth exploring as well. That way you wouldn’t even have to leave the page.

Hey @Ric2502

I set up something similar recently using callable functions and I think I can help but it would help a ton if you posted a link to your project or better yet posted a screencast of what you are trying to achieve.