Show more than 5 entities from a multireference collection

I am making a simple website with a list of employees from a collection. Each employee have different specialities attached to them through a multi-reference collection. This works fine in the CMS and you can easily attached more than 5 specialities to each employee.

But now I want to show a list with the employees including their specialities and it will only show 5 specialities for each employee… Is this a limit in Webflow? and if so why? and does anyone have a solution to how I could solve this problem?


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Unfortunately yes. This has been the limitation since nested collections were announced back in April 2020 but my guess is that there will (eventually) be an increase natively.

Thankfully Finsweet’s free CMS Nest Attribute allows you to get around this limitation fairly easily:

Hi Mike
Thank you very much for the link to Finsweet. And actually I already found this but I could not get it to work… maybe because I am already using another part of their codes to make filtering (on the specialities) on the site through the dropdown list in the top.

It got a little complex to me when I had to make the two codes work together… also Finsweet wanted me to make a listing on the CMS collection page “Specialer” which I am already using.

But if that is the only solution, perhaps I will have to try to look into it again.


Hmmm, I’d probably give it another go as they specifically mention Nest & Filter working together on their “combos” page:

I’ve done a bunch of work with their tools in the past (although not this specific combination) so don’t hesitate to reach out if you tun into any issues and I’ll try and help out :+1:

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Hi again

Thank you very much for the link, but I would not know where to start :slight_smile:

Instead I made a copy of the page

I followed this video tutorial from Finsweet

but I cant get it to work. On my page it will just show all specialities on all employees and not the chosen ones… what am I dooing wrong? And even if i get this to work (showing more than 5 specialities) I still need to be able to hide them again and filter the page…
Is there any way I can hire you? or would you know any I could hire for this… I really need to get i to work.

Hi Kim,

Multi-ref fields have some real limitations, one of which you’ve already found, and @mikeyevin has pointed out.

Part of the problem here is that with a multiref field, there’s no way to get all of that data directly into your static directory page, even for scripts to process. I don’t think Finsweet’s tools have a way around that, because the data just isn’t exposed.

There are two good approaches;

One is to work with Webflow’s design limits. You have 33 employees on that page, just show the first 5 of each of their specialities. Then have a link to “see all” of their specialties, which takes them to that staff member’s bio page, where you can list all of them. There, a collection list can be bound directly to the specialties multi-ref field and it doesn’t have the 5-item limit of nested lists.

If you really want the list all of the specialties for each staff member on the directory page there are other ways, but more complex, and they involve some programming.

I use an “xref” approach for situations like this, where I’d have a 3rd table called “Staff-Specialities”, where each record has a single-ref to the Staff, and a single-ref to the Specialty. You can load this much more easily, and then use script to reorganize them so they all appear under the correct staff member.

However you have 33 staff, and probably more than 3 specialties per, so you’ll hit the 100 collection list limit quickly. That’s also resolvable, just, again, a bit more creative scripting.

I highly recommend that you work with @mikeyevin if he’s available. If he’s not, feel free to message me, my team has a special Webflow package for exactly this kind of work.

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Hi memetican

Tahnk you very much for your answer.

Yes I know I can show all specialities on the bio of each employee… And I am also doing this. And actually I dont want to show the specialities on the collection list of all the employees this will be hidden again and is only used for the filter function in the dropdown list on top.
So that is actually the only thing I need to work… this filtering of each specialty… but again its not working if you have more than 5 specialities…

But maybe you have another solution for this filtering?

And if I should hire your team to make this work. How much would it cost?
You are welcome send me an email directly at kim(a)


@memetican brings up some great thoughts — and admittedly I didn’t dig too much into the project before recommending Finsweet which may need a slightly altered CMS setup in order to work how you’re expecting. My apologies for that.

In terms of hiring me, I’m honestly a bit swamped at my full-time gig so I’d recommend reaching out to @memetican first to see if their pricing fits in line with your budget — based on his activity here in the community I know you’ll be in good hands!

I still freelance on occasion (I actually just took on a small project for another community member this week) so if for some reason it doesn’t work out with @memetican then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In the meantime, I’m going to try some little tests on my end to see if I can’t get something working as I have a client that may need to take advantage of the same setup. If I’m able to get something working, I’ll be sure to post an update here with a read-only link so other folks can see how something like this would need to be setup :+1:

Thanks Mike! I’ll see if I can help Kim on this one. Yes it’s a recurring challenge for my clients too, maybe we can work on a collaborative solution for this.

Hi Kim, yes the filtering requirement is a bit more complex. It’s the same data-load process, however Finsweet’s tool would need to be able to pick up that newly-loaded data to filter correctly. I’ve emailed you with some thoughts & details.