Finsweet CMS Nest to bypass the max 5 nested item restriction is extremely slow?


I bought a business hosting plan thinking I could use up to 10 multireference but it seems a collection list can still only display max 5 items ?

How is that possible ? Is there a way around ?

Thank you !

5 is the limit. Dynamic content limitations | Webflow University

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Anthony, 10 refers to the number of different multireference fields you can have in a CMS collection. That’s unrelated to the collection list’s display limit of 5 nested items.

Check out Finsweet’s CMS Nest for some tools to combine your lists in different ways.

Outside of that, your main option is custom code to modify your page and load / combine that data client-side.

Thank you for the confirmation @webdev !
@memetican thank you for your reply as well !

I did try finsweet and I did “successfully” implement their solution…
But this workaround is simply worthless… I had a look at the network waterfall:

The fetch requests of finsweet checking what categories multi-fields need to be injected into the nested collection take about 30 seconds !

During those 30 seconds, the finsweet filtering module is not operational… it’s so sad, and disapointing.

I know how to code some javascript, not sure how to fetch those multi-reference fields since we can’t access them from the frontend.

Feel free to have a look at the link:

Here is a screenrecording of the waterfall loading…


This link is the version without the finsweet CMS nest solution.
It works perectly, except that some categories are misssing since we can only nest max 5 items inside a collection list.

I actually have never use FS CMS Nest, I prefer to code my own solution for those situations. Glancing at the docs, I am guessing they are pulling the nested content directly from the collection pages, which would account for the performance issues.

That makes sense if you need to remove all limitations.

If you have a manageable number of collection items, and a manageable number of nested collection items, you can build this manually in the page using custom code and sets of collection lists.

That would eliminate the 5-nested-per limit, however your total data volume still has to be low, like in the hundreds of items max, for this to be manageable.

Alternately, you might use CMS Load More, with custom code and the API, so that it will retrieve all of the data, and you will re-distribute it as nested items as it loads.

Getting all of this to work with filtering is a bigger challenge.

The Webflow CMS is not a database solution, so you’re just adding layer of duct tape to try to create one.

Have you explored Wized + Xano?

Thank you for getting back to me @memetican ,

Unfortunately, I have to give up.
Webflow is showing its limit it seems.