Show hidden content not working on preview mode

Hello everyone

I have an interaction that shows hidden content when I click a text. The thing is that in the published site works (kinda) sometimes is smooth and other blinks but in preview mode doesn’t work at all.

The interaction its in Pricing page

The trigger element for the interaction and the interaction name:

and the element affected by it and the interaction name for it:

Does anyone can help me figure out why is this?

Thank you in advance!

Preview link:

Published site:

Unfortunatly I dont have an answer as yet but its is strange that all your other membership types work as intended in the preview

Now that you mention it they kinda work as well!! Weirder!! :thinking:

Hi @aaronocampo, one thing that may help is to add a height of 0px on the interaction step that sets the display to block and give the transition time of 100ms

I hope this helps

@cyberdave that did help with the blinking a lot thank you very much!, now is smooth all the time BUT the weird thing is that only works in some of the elements affected an not all of of them having the same structure and style.

Any thoughts?

What do you think @cyberdave, @Waldo, do you think is it a bug?

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